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          Earlier this year, I was asked to contribute monthly articles to Forbes.com on topics that I am versed in due to my background as the CEO of a national credit card processing company.? To date, most of the articles have been educational to businesses regarding the complexities, security, and awareness of card acceptance at their place of business.? This last month I submitted my article to Forbes, but I took a very different approach.? The article wasn’t geared towards businesses, but rather towards anyone that uses a credit card from a consumer standpoint.? More specifically, I focused on whether it makes better sense to pay for items purchased (as a consumer) with a credit card or debit card and why.? Please take a moment and see which makes better sense to you and how you live your life.

          From Forbes.com:?

          “It’s true, paying with a debit card is a more fiscally sound and responsible thing to do. For example, with a debit card, you’re less likely to find yourself in debt, as it requires you to spend within your financial means. However, paying with a credit card offers opportunities for interest-free financing (assuming you pay your bill at month’s end), and keeping up on your payments helps you build, or rebuild, your credit.”


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