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          The Poynt Smart Terminal: The world’s first smart terminal continues to amaze

          Payment hardware isn’t always beautiful, but thanks to a handful of vendors, it not longer has to be ugly.

          For whatever reason the point of sale has been overlooked for years; design has been little more of an afterthought focused on basic usability. Even while the guts got smarter and smarter, the look and feel has remained the same: bulky slabs of white, black or gray plastic that nobody would ever call “sexy”.

          That, though, is no longer the case.

          As companies put just as much emphasis on design as function (unfortunately, sometimes more), devices are moving from something you tuck away to something you showcase. And almost nobody is as focused on both design and function, in the payment space, as Poynt. Which is why we are excited to be offering the Poynt Smart Terminal.

          A decidedly “sexy” and convenient way to accept payments at the counter, or at the table, without compromising features or reliability.

          It isn’t all aesthetics with Poynt, they’re cultivating an application ecosystem with solutions for virtually any type of business.

          What types of apps? Well, I’m glad you asked.

          A couple examples from the Poynt App Showcase:

          eThor connects Poynt to any major POS

          Thus far, Poynt merchants have used eThor to connect their Poynt devices to Micros POS in hospitality, lodging, and retail environments.

          Homebase provides employee time management.

          Employees can clock in and out of their shifts; employers and merchants can manage employee schedules and timecards… all on the Poynt Smart Terminal. Developers used Poynt’s platform resources to integrate their employee management platform.

          eHopper has everything small businesses need.

          A complete POS solution on the Poynt terminal. It features a touch screen tablet, card reader, receipt printer and POS barcode scanner.

          Lightning Register is an intuitive POS solution.

          A powerful yet easy-to-use tool that manages inventory, contains advanced sales reports and most importantly syncs with QuickBooks.

          WAnt to know more about Poynt?

          Give us a call at 1-888-563-4346, or schedule a call.

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