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          Consumer Financing

          Make it easy for your customers to make the purchases they want, when they want, and how they want with affordable payment terms.

          80% Approval Rate

          Be confident that your customers will be approved for financing thanks to high approval rates with most credit ratings.

          Get Started ?

          ACH Payments

          Never worry about deposits with easy to use payment monitoring features. Payments are deposited within 1-3 business days.

          Let’s Go ?

          Increase Sales

          Increased buying power, means increase spending. Customers who secure financing spend 25% more, on average, per transaction.

          Sign Me Up ?

          In-Store & Online

          Whether your you’re online only, brick & mortar, or a little of both, we can integrate into your checkout experience with ease!

          Apply Now ?

          The only consumer financing platform you’ll ever need.


          Our partnership with Credova revolutionizes consumer lending by providing our merchants access to multiple financing and leasing options via a single, easy-to-use online portal. With a lender network that provides complete credit spectrum financing, and a single, paperless application process, retailers can feel confident offering financing to their customers.

          Credova gives retailers the ability to offer manageable payment plans, restoring customer spending power and helping customers make purchases large and small more affordable. Credova is the perfect solution to increase sales, lower cart abandonment rates and set your retail location apart from the competion.

          Reach Out

          See how offering Retail Consumer Financing can help grow your business.

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          Personalized Support

          Your success is our success and that’s why we stay connected and engaged throughout the entire consumer financing process. From complete on-boarding, staff training and complimentary in-store point of purchase materials, to a live, dedicated in-house support team, Retailer Consultants are here to ensure that using our program is easy, simple, maximizes return & optimizes the consumer financing experience.

          Lender Network

          Access an extensive network of lenders that can provide full credit spectrum lending. From prime to sub-prime, there’s a lender fit for every customer type with experience operating across different industries. Whenever there is a customer making a purchase, you can feel confident that the lender network will provide access to financing options that fit your industry and your customers perfectly!

          For your customers,
          the benefits are clear

          Fast Pre-Qualification

          Don’t subject your customers to multiple credit hits. They can receive pre-qualifications and view their financing offers from multiple providers without affecting their credit.

          Full-Spectrum Lending

          With our network of prime to sub-prime providers, customers with good to troubled credit can be approved quickly.

          High Approval Amounts

          Approval amounts up to $6,500.

          Early Buyout Options

          Customers can tailor their financing experience with the ability to buyout of their contracts at any time.


          Our Mission is Simple:
          Be the Best Friend to Your Business.

          At BLUEDOG we’re mindful of our customer’s bottom line which is why we emphasize a customer-first approach to everything we do.

          From providing the most competitive pricing to dedicated customer support and a wide array of flexible payment solutions, BLUEDOG is fixing the merchant services industry one best friend at a time.


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